You crave a moisturizer that will cover non-clogging oils such as almond oil, mineral oil or avocado oil or better yet CBD Oil. Shea butter or Our CBD Body Butter is known to clog pores. Likewise, there are a number of products containing humectants available on world markets today that help in attracting and holding moisture. So, use a special moisturizer intend for winter months to protect your skin. CBd Skin Care by Hemp Genix has the solution whether it be our am CBD re energizer, daily lotion, or nightime rejuvenation, we have your solutionMany people think it is counterintuitive to say that the scalp suffers due to dehydration in the winter months. While it is true that it may sound counter intuitive, you need to hydrate your torso from inside out to provide enough moisture to your skin from within. Some people attain the mistake of skimp on fluid consumption during the winter months.