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Community Arts Auditorium
Tues. 9.10.13
Seven P.M.
450 Reuther Mall, Detroit, MI

About the Lecture
Recognizing the transitional nature of Detroit's landscape, how might we continue to develop creative ways to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the urban fabric? This public lecture and panel discussion from three national experts will explore unique ways to drive the enrichment of place, and how these approaches often lead to stronger communities.

Speakers include NY Times best-selling author Eric Weiner; the founder and executive director of ArtWorks Tamara Harvaky; and co-founder of BoxCar Grocer Alison Cross.

Parking will be available for $6 in Structure #1 at the corner of Cass Ave. and Palmer St. Credit card payment only (Visa, Mastercard or Discover).

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Eric Weiner is author of the New York Times bestseller The Geography of Bliss, a “philosophical, humorous, self-help travel memoir. A self-proclaimed “restless soul,” Eric is a determined wanderer eagerly searching for the wonders around every corner. In his latest book, Man Seeks God, Eric continues his search, this time for a taste of the divine. At each stop along the way, Weiner tackles our most pressing spiritual questions: Where do we come from? What happens when we die? How should we live our lives? Where do all the missing socks go? With his trademark wit and warmth, he leaves no stone unturned.
The journey that results is rich in insight, humor, and heart.

Tamara Harkavy is the founding director of ArtWorks. Since its launch in 1996 as a job-training and employment program for talented teens, ArtWorks has become a leader in employing artists of all ages, creating public art and initiating innovative arts programming for the city of Cincinnati. Under her leadership, ArtWorks has employed more than 2,500 youth and over 500 professional artists to work on countless arts projects.

Alison Cross is a passionate, solutions oriented entrepreneur who uses design to create innovative ways to address social issues. In November 2011, Alison co-founded Boxcar Grocer with her brother, Alphonzo Cross, as a way to increase food access for underserved communities. At the intersection of food justice and high concept retail, BoxCar Grocer has reset the bar for what every community deserves—a grocery store where everyone feels welcome and has access to healthy food options. Alison and her team are redefining the urban convenience store, unifying ideals of larger environmental and food movements with the diverse needs of urban communities.

The Van Dusen Urban
Leadership Forum
at Wayne State